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Art Glass kitchen counter top created by Reese Schroeder of Liquid Oranges Studios www.liquidoranges.com 


2013 Catalog

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Thin profile
Uniform bright white light
Low energy consumption


 Easy installation
 Green product
Adjustable brightness


Low maintenance costs
Lower operating costs
The right amount of light for all locations


i-Associates New England

Specializing in L.E.D. Lighting Products; Lumisheet Panels,
Light Panels, Back Light Units & Channel Letters.
manufactured by Dongbu Lightec

Lumisheet, as recognized by the architectural and design community, offers a new generation of low profile and energy efficient lighting.  Lumisheet can be used to backlight graphics, retail displays, advertising or marketing programs as well as exhibits.  Lumisheet enhances the appearance of real translucent stone or solid surface materials such as Corian.  It creates new opportunities in architectural and feature lighting applications or custom applications dictated by your project.  Lumisheet features the highest quality LED's and patented V Groove technology to provide uniform lighting across the entire surface.

Features & Benefits:

* Custom sizes available from: 2.5" x 6" to 48" x 96"
* Super slim: 4mm, 6mm & 8mm
* Custom shapes: Allows artistic freedom
* Tooling cost: None
* Minimum order quantity: None
* Various color temps: Warm (3700K), Pure (5300K), Cool (9500K)
* Dimmable: Can be dimmed by various lighting control systems
* Ultra low energy consumption: Up to 70% less than competing technologies
* Long life: 50,000 hours
* Warranty: 2 years
* Environmentally friendly product: No hazardous materials used in construction
* Power supply: Input 100-240 VAC / Output 12/24vdc

Applications of Lumisheet L.E.D. Light Panels:


- Walls, Floors and Ceilings
- Window
- Menu Boards
- Tradeshows
- Museums
- Aquariums
- Retail
- Food Industry
- Entertainment Industry
- Sports Venues

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